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At this point, many generations after the fact it seems to me that it is close to impossible to be fair and still criticize the choice of Jackie Robinson to integrate MLB. I will say this, I have tried to corroborate the contentions made here by cws1. At this point, I'm not having any luck but I'll keep trying. Roy Campanella gets a mention here. I have no idea if he was a womanizer, he was married 3 times. Campanella just might be my all time favorite catcher, or at least close to it. Everything I read or learned about him led me believe he had an outgoing live wire kind of personality and was popular with the both fans and teammates. Campanella was a very vocal catcher, not afraid to go out to the mound and chew a pitcher out. He was able to do it in such a way to motivate them. "Hey Nuke. I called for the express and you gave me the local." In 1946 Campanella and Newcombe were teammates for the lower minors then Class B Nashua Dodgers of the New England league. His season there was reported to be mostly trouble free and he even got to manage a few innings when Walter Alston was ejected from a game. Nashua, down by 3 runs was able to come back and win the game. The Boys of Summer were an interesting bunch of guys.
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