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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I agree with you on this except for Rickey wasn't on his own in signing Robinson. He even admitted that if it wasn't for Chandler, Robinson wouldn't have played. I know Robinson wasn't the best player and I realize he was picked for other reasons than his ability. (which I don't know if anyone could have been better) but basically I was hoping for a movie that was more like a documentary. Jackie Robinson had a problem with black players who weren't into civil rights and he looked down upon players who drank or womanized. If I recall correctly, thats why Campanella and Robinson clashed. I do agree with you on Gibson and I worded that wrong earlier but Monte Irvin got shafted. I'm not exactly sure why he said he wasn't in baseball shape because he sure hit well in the Negro Leagues. But I have no reason not to believe you.
Chandler didn't block Rickey's signings of black players as Landis would have. But it wasn't as if Chandler approached Rickey and said it was time he started signing black players. Chandler's cooperation was more of a vacuum where well-document resistance had been under Landis. It should not diminish Rickey's contributions to history.

Monte Irvin was in San Francisco last summer and said he told Rickey he was not in good enough shape to play major league baseball. I didn't get the impression he believed he was shafted.
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