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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
Oh come on. The majority of my friends are not Sox fans. We usually get a nice group together for 1 or 2 games each year. When we go, we party. Get to the lots when they open, setup the grill and bag boards and start drinking. The game is just the icing on the cake. I'm there to enjoy the weather, be with my friends, drink some beers and watch a game. If I want to go and just concentrate on the game I will either go by myself or with a couple buddies.
No, not come on. I know what I like, and when I go to a baseball game, I want to watch baseball. I'm happy to bring friends along who aren't baseball fans (see my earlier post), provided that they are willing to at least appear interested in what's happening on the field.

Maybe I'm just being an ******* when it comes to things like this (it wouldn't be the first time I've rubbed people the wrong way around here). I just believe that a baseball game should be about baseball. That doesn't mean there's not a place for other things, but they should never supplant what's happening between the lines.
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