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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Beer and good looking chicks plus a neighborhood which has become the new Mardi Gras has obviously worked for the bad guys on the Northside. The area wasn't always like that. In the mid 1970's that area was awful. I knew the man who bought Rays Bleachers and renamed it Murphys. He bought the tavern for $25,000 in the mid 70's. The only time the bar was open was when the Cubs played, 81 times a year. Most people wouldn't step foot in that area other than to go to a game there. My former taxman grew up in a 2 flat on Eddy street just southwest of Wrigley Field. They sold it in the mid 70's for $70,000. That same 2 flat sold recently for $1.3 million. Obviously things have changed there. The Ricketts must realize the Cubs are going to draw decently regardless of what the team does. Anybody who thinks the Chicago media doesn't favor the Cubs is dreaming. The media has yet to point out that this present Cubs ownership has done nothing to improve the team in over 3 years. Spending $52 million on Edwin Jackson isn't exactly improving the team. Yet the media says nothing.
I've actually seen some articles critical of Cubs ownership for not doing more to improve the team, but I think that people are pretty aware the Ricketts were strapped for cash immediately following the purchase, especially because the economy was in the tank.

The Ricketts aren't fools and there is no way they are going to move the team away from that area. It's a cash cow if they can find a way to keep the stadium standing.

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