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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Well those folks are going to come out based on winning and losing anyway. It can't hurt to market the team to a more casual fan who is looking for those other things. Maybe an ad with a video of young attractive people cooling off in the shower on a hot summer day. Show a father sharing a foul ball they caught with their young child then close with a family package deal announcement. Heck a walk down the main concourse showing all the various food options.

It would be a dramatic change from the Sox current marketing campaign of focusing exclusively on the game and players and it cannot hurt the bottom line to market to more people.
I agree with that. It is easier to sell the Wrigley experiece to the casual 20 something fan who could care less about winning and losing and more about picking up people before and after the game.

The question for Sox marketing (and they've probably already asked it) is: What makes going to US Cellular to watch a Sox game unique/special to the casual fan?

Unfortunately, I don't have the first darn clue.

Of course the next question should be: How do we expand our base of 'die hard fans' ie the one's who don't stop going when the team isn't playing well or feel the need to start threads about their annual complaints about how they are treated at the game.

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