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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Seriously. Watch the game.

Stats are only meaningful in an argument if you are using them to argue something that you can see is true. If you are using stats to argue something that you can see is clearly untrue, if you are using to argue that Dunn was a good offensive player last season, all you are proving is that statistics can lie.

If you say Dunn's numbers really weren't so bad last year, you weren't paying attention to the game and were looking at the wrong numbers because there are plenty of numbers that will tell you he was a bad offensive player last season.
You are just setting up straw man after straw man. I never said you shouldn't watch the game. I also never said that Dunn's numbers weren't so bad last year, that would depend on your definition of bad.

It is laughable to think that you should watch the game, make a conclusion, and then cherry pick stats that support your conclusion. Why are you even looking for stats if you've already drawn a conclusion beforehand? You may as well keep adding epicycle after epicycle to the path of Mars to support the eye test conclusion that we are the center of the solar system.
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