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Originally Posted by rainbow6 View Post
Adam Dunn made at least an off-hand comment in '11 about retiring if things didn't improve; I wonder if it's time for the media/fans to raise the question of retirement to Ventura and Dunn himself?

Perhaps some type of settlement could be worked out for the remaining funds due?

As a supporter of the signing, I had empathy for Adam in '11 and defended him during his tenure as a Sox. However, I have to imagine even he realizes it's silly for him to continue to try and compete against Major League pitching.

From the Sox perspective, I have to think this subject has come up?

Any goodwill/empathy I've had towards Adam will quickly desolve if he doesn't take the initiative and walk away from the game on his own terms.
I can think of about 30 million reason why he would not retire.

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