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There's just nothing to do near the Cell if the game isn't going on. You're more apt to wind up on my buddy Jeff's front lawn than you are to find a place to eat or grab a beer. Don't get me wrong, I love going to Sox games, but I can see why the casual folks avoid the place. The only option before the game is to tailgate in the lot, (which you're shagged out of out like cattle at 7:10), or to go to Bacardi, which doesn't open until about 3 for a night game. Nothing is open immediately around the park when the sox aren't in town or during the offseason, so that doesn't attract anybody to the area either (not that there's a lot to see). There's really nothing the Sox can do about that. Casual fans like to make "a day" out of going to a ballgame. Can't do that at the Cell. I was there for a 1:00 game last year and they were kicking people out at 4......... who is going to "drive in from Iowa" for 3 hours?
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?
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