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Voodoo - Great to hear from you. I think we're on the same page.

I'm not a marketing whiz myself, but I do think they need to stop marketing every game as a battle, every season as a war, and each player as a warrior.

I agree the White Sox are in a big hole, but a bit of it is their own making. Obviously the Cubs have a big advantage, but instead of trying to differentiate themselves, they flirted with going head-on against them. Sponsors (WLUP years ago and the Southtown as well) started running direct confrontational ads involving the Cubs and White Sox (and believe me I posted against those when they were taking place). It made the White Sox organization look small, and I don't think it paid any dividends over the long haul.

White Sox fans know they have a great stadium, an entertaining team and certainly a fan base large enough to support the franchise. Capitalize on those elements, and stop making it a win/loss or life/death situation.

It's baseball, and it's a good time win or lose - that's the message which needs to get out there.

I do agree 100% with you on the dead zone around the park. You're not going to have a Wrigleyville-type of development due to the fact that the neighborhood doesn't consist of high density population which keeps those places going during away games and the off season, but I would have thought by now you'd see destination locations (restaurants and such) popping up in the general vicinity of the park.

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