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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Seriously. Watch the game.

Stats are only meaningful in an argument if you are using them to argue something that you can see is true. If you are using stats to argue something that you can see is clearly untrue, if you are using to argue that Dunn was a good offensive player last season, all you are proving is that statistics can lie.

If you say Dunn's numbers really weren't so bad last year, you weren't paying attention to the game and were looking at the wrong numbers because there are plenty of numbers that will tell you he was a bad offensive player last season.
I'm in TDog's camp on this one. Always have been.

Perfect example right now would be the people telling us that Keppinger is playing a good second base with Beckham out. Watch the balls that get through the hole to his left. Look at the bad throws to first that haven't necessarily resulted in non-outs but still were horrible. Look at the number of 4-6 Fielder's Choice outs instead of 4-6-3s because of his poor range or poor throws.
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