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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
This has never been a popular suggestion on these boards, and I get why. Guys (and gals) posting here have an extrememly passionate connection to the team, and therefore disagree with me because I'm going after casual fans, but here goes again:

The Chicago White Sox need a complete marketing overhaul.

One cannot market a sports team solely on the basis of winning. Wins help to be sure, but over the past 30+ years the fan base has slowly morphed to where the only thing the White Sox are judged on is wins and losses. There are gratuitous (and rather stupid) "Dog Days" and such, but overall fans are now of the opinion if the White Sox aren't going to win, why bother going to a game? This is a disastrous sentiment. The fact the White Sox won the World Series in 2005 should have bought them 20 years of "Aloha" from its fan base and Chicago in general, yet here we are - eight years later - wondering why they can't draw.

Everything needs to be changed to market the team to a more casual brand of fandom. Television, radio, ticket prices, parking prices, concession prices, number of day games - everything needs to be on the table. People have to want to go to the ballpark to see a game, and have a good time - win or lose.

The broadcast booths - as will be no secret to anybody - have long been a pet peeve of mine. With a short interruption in the mid to late 1980's, for the past 30 years we've been "treated" to Ken Harrelson broadcasting White Sox games as if his audience consisted of nothing but pitching coaches and batting coaches. It has no mass appeal. Nor does Farmer for that matter.

Before everybody starts retorting they don't want a generic announcer, I will counter if you're happy with the hypertechnical idiosyncratic styles of these guys, then don't bemoan the fact the White Sox have such a regional following.

If you want a large fan base that shows up at the gate consistently, you have to at least try and get one. Once there is some consistency at the gate, which isn't solely based upon wins and losses, the White Sox will have enough stability to pursue whatever strategy they wish to accomplish goals. Until then it's going to be like managing a business which has no working capital - even the smallest disruptions in the plan are going to look like major calamities.
I don't think you have to worry about being belittled for going against the grain, like some of us are. You have credibility and quite frankly have earned it. You do make some good points, although I think following such a plan you outline would be fraught with the peril of making some things bland and vanilla and others unpalatable to some long time fans. Look at the dismay and disgust many have over the changing of the intro and the constant loud canned interruptions during the game. Brooks and company seem to fall flat on their faces when they try to be edgy and hip. Someone made the point here earlier, and I am paraphrasing, when you try to appeal to everyone you end up pleasing no one. Not only that, but I think no matter what the Sox do now they are in a weak position. They just do not have the following among the fans, and the clout in the sports media both locally and nationally that the Cubs do. They blew a golden opportunity when they couldn't follow up on their success in 05. In short, like you I'm up for a comprehensive shake up from ownership on down. We will probably have some areas of agreement and others of disagreement on how it should proceed. In any case, it will never happen under the current ownerhip group.
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