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I look at it this way: when the team struggles, it looks like the players aren't putting in the effort. When Dunn bats 4th and plays first base almost every day, it looks like the manager isn't putting in the effort (we had enough of that in 2011). When the uniforms, the montage, or whatever gets changed or downgraded, and we bitch about it and get blown off, it looks like the marketing crew isn't putting in the effort. When fan favorites are allowed to walk so we can keep overpaid stiffs, it looks like the front office isn't putting in the effort. When you go to the park and half of it is closed, it seems that the stadium staff isn't putting in the effort. That attitude has been trickling down to the fans for years now IMO. It just looks like the entire organization has gone cheap/lazy, so why should the fans waste their time coming out?
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?
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