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GoSOx 2K3:

I agree that blaming the fans doesn't anyone anywhere. It has been done for a long time and I don't see any real results from it. I wish attendance was better, too, but I believe attendance has deep rooted problems. Brooks Boyer said a few years ago that it takes time to build or, in this case, rebuild a fan base. For a time, I thought the team was on the right track, but things regressed. Scapegoating fans is counter-productive.

One troubling thing is the public absence of Jerry Reinsdorf. Reinsdorf doesn't trust the media; from the very beginning he has blamed the media for some of his image problems. But he can go on Sports Net and get Chuck Garfien to lob him some easy questions. It could help some if he reassured fans some. I hated the White Flag Trade but at least I knew what Reinsdorf was trying to accomplish. I have no idea of what he is thinking now.
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