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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
I completely disagree with this statement. Sure, there might be some die-hards or meatheads that would say this but I think the majority of fans, including the coveted casual fans, would be extremely excited if the Sox made the playoffs several years in a row. Seeing as how this is something that has NEVER happened in the entire existence of this franchise how could one not be excited??

There is nothing, currently, to be excited about with this team. There is no superstar, no can't miss prospect being touted, absolutely nothing to look forward to. The organization seems to be content with how the team is being run and has been pointed out several times already why should they change anything if it keeps being profitable? The organization continues to treat fans like we know nothing or understand nothing about what is going on with the team. The continued lack of direction this team seemingly has is more of a detriment than I think they realize. At least the Cubs have a plan. It might not work in the end but at least they have a direction and their fans at least have some hope for the future. A of now, what do any of us have to look forward to as Sox fans?
Exactly. It's just an easy, unprovable argument to just say that Sox fans would still "make excuses" for not going to games even if the team made the playoffs 3 seasons in a row. Since this has never happened, there's no basis for this slam on Sox fans. But, I guess some people just want to rip on Sox fans can call them lousy fans. Whatever makes them feel better about themselves I guess.

How about let's see the Sox be a playoff team several years in a row before we start making these kind of claims as if they were facts?

You're absolutely right, one big problem is that there is nothing to get excited about for this team. Konerko is their only "star" and he's fading. There is no other stand-out stars (maybe Sale will move into that role if he continues last year's success) and there's almost no young talent in the immediate future to look forward to.

It's sad that people here have to keep harping on attendance when it's obvious the problem over the last 5 years is the disappointing and lackluster way this team has operated off the field and performed on the field. But, let's blame the fans!

Let's look back at what happened since 2008:
2009 - the team stumbles to 6.5 games out by May 21, makes their typical June/July run back to contention and then gets spanked by the Twins and falls as far as 9.5 out by September. MLB avg attendance is down 7% over the previous season.

2010 - Sox again fall on their face right out of the gate: 6 games out by April 21 and down to 9.5 out by June 9. Then they make a crazy run back to first only to collapse to the Twins again in Aug/Sept. and fall as far as 12 games out in Sept. This was also the year that Ozzie didn't want Thome back despite his request to come back at a bargain price. We go with Kotsay and Jones at DH instead and Thome gets the last laugh.

2011 - An utterly unlikeable team. Once they were behind in a game, it was essentially over. Ozzie quit on this team and only an idiot would expect fans to turn out to see this debacle. KW throws money at one-dimensional Dunn and he's a colossal flop.

2012 - Sox management pretty much concedes they're not going to compete in '12. The Sox say goodbye to Buehrle and Quentin and say they're hamstrung by payroll. KW hires a man with zero professional coaching experience as a manager. The farm system is barren and there's not much talent in sight from the minors. Offseason season ticket and advance sales are poor. The team surprises and is in 1st place most of the summer before once again fading at the end and the season ends with another disappointment.

If Sox management is looking at what transpired over this time frame and is blaming the team's predicament on the fans for not suddenly packing the Cell for that 3 months in 2012 - then I think they're so blind to reality that it's going to be a long, long time before this team is consistently competitive.

White Sox Baseball
# of teams with a longer playoff drought = 3:
San Diego (2006), Miami (2003), Seattle (2001)

# of teams with fewer playoff appearances since 1995 = 4:
* (2), TOR (2), MIA (2), WASH(2), MILW(2)

# of Sox seasons in the this decade that were arguably dismal failures = 5:
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Conclusion: Blame Sox fans for not showing up to enough games

* back to back AL Champs, WS Champs 2014-15

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