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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
Bad example. I get it.

I still stand behind the sentiment.
This team is without a firm sense of itself- a squad of mercenaries.
Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
This is a statement I agree with. More often than not, the Sox have to go outside their organization to fix weaknesses. It's hard to win every trade, ya know?
What's killing this team is that they're relying heavily on "under the radar" mercenaries to carry them to the playoffs.

We can't win hardly any trades anymore since this organization doesn't have enough prospects that anyone might be interested in.

Here's a look at the some of the 2005 team and how the Sox acquired them:

1B - Konerko (via trade for Sox farm product Cameron in '99)
2B - Iguchi (Japanese free agent)
SS - Uribe (via trade for Rule 5 acquisition Aaron Miles)
3B - Crede (drafted by the Sox in '96)
RF - Dye ("under the radar" FA)
CF - Rowand (drafted by the Sox in '98)
LF - Pods (via trade for Sox farm product Carlos Lee)
C - AJ ("under the radar" FA)
DH - Thomas (drafted by the Sox)
DH - Everett (FA)
P - Buehrle (drafted by the Sox in '98)
P - Contreras (via trade for Loaiza)
P - Garcia (via trade for Sox farm products Olivo, Michael Morse, Reed)
P - Garland (robbed Cubs totally blind trade in '98)
P - El Duque ("under the radar" FA)
P - McCarthy (drafted by Sox in '02)

(2004's team also featured Sox farm product Magglio Ordonez.) A good number of key players from 2005 team were either from the Sox system or acquired thanks to trades for Sox system products. Note that these Sox products weren't just barely passable at the MLB level, these were a bunch of solid players. That's the difference between the "2004-2006 era" and the current "let's hope we surprise everyone" approach of the last 5 years.

What position players have Sox drafted in the last 10 years or so that are above average MLB quality either for our team or as trade bait? Once the talent from before the Sox let their system turn to crap moved on, KW was left trying to win with smoke and mirrors or devoting a big chunk of the payroll to players like Dunn and Peavy. Easily the best player the Sox have drafted in the last 10 years who has succeeded at the MLB level is Chris Sale. Addison Reed looks like a success to. The Sox do have Hawkins in the pipeline and he might be a star someday. But a couple of successful players after years of Brian Anderson and Josh Fields type players isn't enough.

The problem with the Sox is that the people that brought us this mess over the last 10 years are still firmly in charge. KW didn't go anywhere. Hahn was part of the senior management team that presided over the decline of this franchise. Why should fans expect anything to change any time soon?

EDIT: The Sox also drafted Gio Gonzalez within the last 10 years (2004). He was used to acquire Thome for the 2006 season. Incredibly the Phillies gave him back to us in the Floyd-Garcia trade, but then we gave him away to Oakland for a pouting circus clown.

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