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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
Well, Mark, the franchise survived the late 80's. Fans will show up if the team becomes a winner. Hell, I think that Sox fans will show up if the team shows any sort of a pulse with young guys. It's the teams loaded with high priced vets without a pulse that turns fans off. That route provides no hope for the future.

Pittsburgh has a terrible track record with its baseball teams for the past two decades, yet the fans are flocking back to the stadium because the team finally has young players that are exciting. The guys fly around the stadium with a ton of energy, and they are scrappy. Are they winners? Not yet. However, the team has a pulse, and that draws fans.
If the Pirates keep up their current pace, which involves opening day, (they are 30k behind last year at the same point), they will draw what the Sox drew last season. They aren't exactly flocking back to the stadium.
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