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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
I have always been of the belief that it has to be tough to walk away from a goldmine. Still, I think it's crazy to spend upwards of $300 million dollars on a dump like Wrigley Field. Most of the Cubs fans I talk to would welcome a brand new stadium in Rosemont, especially when Rosemont is giving you the land for nothing. The only other city that gave a baseball team land to build their stadium was LA, where the Dodgers built their stadium. Some people have made comments that Boston fixed up Fenway Park a few years ago. I read an article last year with one of the executives of the Red Sox, and he said if they had to do it all over again, they would of built a new stadium. Even though Fenway Park has been rehabbed it's still an old building with some of the same issues it had before. I know the White Sox lease runs through 2026, but I still think they will start looking for a new stadium in another 10 years or so. I would think if Rosemont or some other near the city suburb offers the White Sox land to build a stadium on, they will jump at the opportunity.
I honestly think revenue goes down and ticket sales suffer with a new stadium, unless it is built exactly where Wrigley is. Even then, who knows. The sheer number of people who go there regardless of the teams playing is huge. There are more Wrigley Field fans than Cubs fans, or at least as many.
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