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I think the Sox scoreboards are terrible and it's a disgrace for a franchise that was once known for its ("exploding") scoreboard.

The center board is tiny by today's standards and doesn't have much relevant information about the game at hand. The left field scoreboard is the one that has most of the current game info, but its "white light" technology is laughably old and view of it is obstructed at many seats along the 3B line. The RF "out of town" scoreboard is the newest and has an odd mix of out of town info with current game info squeezed in there too. Overall it's a very crappy set up!

Another gripe I have is that the ribbon boards are solely for ads or cheesy animations. No game information at all. Other MLB parks are able to incorporate game info into their ribbon board, but not at the Cell.

Interesting how just about every other MLB team has been able to find a way to upgrade their scoreboard, but the Sox for some reason can't do it. I know, I know: "would you rather have money put into a good scoreboard or into fielding a competitive team?" Oh wait, we have neither.
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