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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I'm surprised Myers challenged Konerko on a 3-1 pitch. Yeah, the tying run moves into scoring position if he walks him. But, there were two out and Viciedo -- an automatic out at this point -- was on deck.
I called PK's homer there for my son when he walked into the room as I was dvring throuh the game. I slowed it down so we could watch the entire at-bat. I thought PK was going to get him on the 2-0 count, but it came on the 3-1. (sidenote: Second homer I've called this year, with the first one being Flowers on Opening Day).

Hawk is annoying sometimes, but there's nothing better than listening to him try to push an opponent's ball foul, as was the case on Bourne's 3rd at bat and Santana's at bat late in the game. GET FOUL!

Also, anytime Robin wants to get Dunn back in the DH hole and put PK back at first is fine with me. That ridiculous play with Thornton covering should have been Dunn 3-Unassisted.
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