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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

The rest of baseball doesn't seem to be having any problems with him. You're right on the money. Seven home runs allowed in a little over 10 innings this year before today.

Naturally he shut out the Sox for the first five innings.

Words fail to describe how bad these hitters are right now.

You can only hope it's the crap weather or something because since August of last season they've gone right down the toilet regarding hitting with RISP.

Just putrid.

Lip, the Sox just have too many holes in the lineup right now. Dunn, Viciedo and Flowers are easy outs for the opposition at the moment. I suspect Flowers will be an easy out all year long. I just don't think the guy can hit a lick.

In any case, it's real hard to sustain an inning when you've got three guys who are total black holes. It seems like every time the Sox get a chance to score, one of the easy outs steps to the plate and kills the opportunity.
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