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Originally Posted by central44 View Post
Keri linked to this on Grantland:

I think this is an excellent analysis of the situation and that the comments are pretty intelligent.

If i'm Quentin, and with the history of getting hit three times by this guy and watching several of my teammates get hit as well, my initial conclusion is going to be that Grienke threw at me intentionally. I'm sure he wasn't thinking about game situation or anything like that.

He obviously shouldn't have charged the mound and he's obviously in the wrong, but again--Grienke could have avoided the whole situation if he had wanted to.
Reading that only reminded me of why I didn't jump on the "Quentin is a thug" bandwagon. It's easy for those of us watching what happened that night judge. But as was written in that article, there is a history that a lot of people in this thread aren't taking into consideration. I'm not condoing Quentin charging the mound, but I can definitely understand why he did. I mean, and it's been said before here...he's been hit over a hunfred times in his career, but so there had to be a reason he chose this time to charge the mound.

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