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Since I am a longtime ( 50 years) White Sox fan living in New England and Florida, I see the Red Sox and Tampa Bay a lot.
Tampa Bay built a team by losing and getting high draft picks. But I give them credit because they drafted quality and developed them as well. But I am not convinced they will ever draw fans because the fan base is made up of too many transplants with loyalties to other teams.
Last year was Boston's first losing season since 1997. The Red Sox spend tons of money in free agencyand make many trades. But the big difference between them and the White Sox is their farm system. They always have players in the pipeline regardless of poor draft position. Both everyday players and pitchers. I think the White Sox have had success the last few years developing pitchers but it seems they never develop good everyday players. Since they won their 2005 WS, who are "good" everyday players ( on any ML roster) the White Sox have developed? In that same timeframe, the Red Sox have brought to the majors Pedroia-Ellsbury-Middlebrooks-Hanley Ramirez-Josh Reddick-Anthony Rizzo just to name a few. They have added 2 more home grown players on this year's roster. So despite winning ML records they continue to produce good drafts.
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