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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Sale looked like he has a dead arm. I can't remember so many players just teeing off on him. He looked like he had nothing on the ball.

Beyond that, the team looks lethargic. I know a team that isn't hitting often gives that impression, but that's my impression nevertheless. Even Hawk was quick to jump on Viciedo for a "lack of concentration" on the play he botched.

I wonder if the team is going through pre-game (or what it pre-series) defensive drills like it did last season. The defense has been brutal thus far. And our pitchers are back to not holding anyone on. There's already been way too many basestealers that Flowers has had no chance to throw out.

My guess is that the coaching staff took some things for granted this season.
Yes at times it looked like he was working on the knuckle curve; that
was supposed to be offseason/ST project.
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