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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
yea, it's hard to find Thomas (1st ballot HOF) Konerko and Magglio type players....but we haven't produced many who could just be termed above-average regulars, with an occasional all-star appearance. And we tend to rush those that look promising, which might stunt their development (debatable).
Nor have we produced enough prospects that look like they might be good MLB players so that we could trade them (we've produced a few, but the trades were usually flubbed). You've got to have a farm system that churns out some talent.
I read this line and immediately thought about Courtney Hawkins. As well as he's played, I hope the Sox aren't trying to promote him as fast as possible to justify his selection as the thirteenth overall pick. He's nineteen years old. Mike Trout made his MLB debut at nineteen, but he struggled during his first appearance with the Angels. He was remarkably better last season, as everyone who follows baseball knows.

I would be thrilled if Hawkins played anywhere near as well as Trout did last season, but I'll settle for a competent Major League outfielder who can provide consistent production at the plate.
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