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Originally Posted by getonbckthr View Post
You're putting the lack of success all on Dunn? Thats crazy. He makes 14 milion a year, thats not crazy money. More important reasons on why we haven't had success lately. Peavy missing half his starts in 2010 and 11 didn't help those seasons. Danks missing almost all of last season probably changes things. How about Beckham being a major dissapointment and not really having a 3B for a few years now. Hell our overall drafting in general. Yes Dunn has been a let down but to put the blame on him only is crazy.
I agree with you (esp on peavy). But you have to wonder what the team is thinking with giving that much money to a guy who is lazy. His offseason lack of professional training and batting is hindering this team as the designated out. He is a big donkey all right. His work ethic is pathetic and I just hope the team can trade him for a Jose Valentin type deal. It is not be his fault entirely, but to never have played in a playoff game and been on 1 winning season has to be on him more than he accepts or others are willing to give him. Just a selfish and lazy player
Do the white sox know that it is Designated Hitter, not Designated Out?
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