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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
For anyone who believes that my comments about Konerko were out of line, I invite you to view this thread (Konerko Says Royce is His Choice at SS), as well as this one (Konerko on Ordonez: He's the Best). The venom directed toward Paul Konerko in either of these cases equals and perhaps surpasses mine.

There's also this thread (Konerko Quote on All Star Pods), for anyone who's not convinced by the first two. Finally, there's even a thread (Konerko Calls Out Uribe for Deking Lee) involving the Chicago Cubs and the Urinal, brought to you by Paul Konerko.
I guess I don't get the point in most of those. The Pods one was a non story when you got the entire quote, the Magglio thing, who cares if PK thinks Magglio was a better teammate than Frank Thomas. I loved Thomas a fan, it was not like he had a bunch of guys jumping up to defend him. Thomas had plenty of nicknames, and was a big personality in the clubhouse and PK called him out on it.

Maybe, what you could do is get all these quotes together and send them to Skip Bayless. Then, when Skip goes after PK, you can have a message tweeted to him about how Skip Bayless looks like Beavis. Since Konerko does not shy away from a microphone, he will bring this to the world's attention, and your 2 arch enemies of life will be at war with each other, offering you the chance of supreme victory and global domination.
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