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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Anyone who tries to make that case needs to be reminded that McGwire embarrassed Major League Baseball (and himself) when he sat in front of a United States Congressional Committee and lied about his use of performance enhancing drugs. I remain astonished and appalled that Don Mattingly would allow that self-serving piece of **** to serve on his coaching staff. McGwire has nothing to teach today's players, and if any of them have even the smallest shred of common sense, they'll let anything and everything he says travel in one ear and out the other.

Mark McGwire is a joke, and if the HOF ever has the audacity to let his worthless ass inside without a visitor's pass, the entire building should be burned to the ground.
McGwire is actually a pretty good hitting coach.. Plus he's probably a good reminder for young players on why they shouldn't use steroids.

Yeah I wouldn't want McGwire in the Hall of Fame but I gotta admit I have read some pretty good arguments on why he should be in. I would really have to think that Konerko has a huge advantage in getting in sooner though.
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