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Default Rongey/Konerko

On the White Sox postgame show the other night Chris Rongey said Paul Konerko does not belong in the Baseball Hall Of Fame but Ron Santo does. I immediately called the postgame show to comment on that subject. The station would not let me on the air talking about it. So I will make my comments here. First of all the Pizza Man/ Scab/ Santo has no business being in the Hall Of Fame but the fact is, he got inducted last year. So be it. But if you look at the offensive statistics of both players, Konerko beats Santo in virtually every category. Batting Average, Home Runs, Hits, RBI's and every other statistic. Konerko also played on 3 Playoff Teams, one pennant winning team and one World Championship team. Santo never played in the Playoffs once. Rongey is entitled to his opinions,( after all he's the host of the show), but when he makes comments saying Santo should be in the HOF and Konerko doesn't, perhaps he should look for a job on WGN Radio.
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