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Originally Posted by MUsoxfan View Post

So you want him answering questions truthfully, while also not wanting him to answer questions at all? Got it.
What I want from Konerko is for him to be able to recognize when it is appropriate for him to talk to the media about a particular subject. If it is appropriate, then he should answer any and all questions honestly. If it isn't, then he shouldn't talk to them at all. And just so everyone understands, I'd rather Frank Thomas had done the same during his playing career, as it would saved him a great deal of time and trouble, but as it stands, it's too late for him to go back and fix anything now.

Originally Posted by MUsoxfan
There are hundreds of players in MLB that crave attention more than PK. Did he blow you off for an autograph once or something? I don't understand the venom you direct towards him.
I'll be completely honest in my answer, as you've asked a thoughtful question. I have a tendency to hold a grudge, something that doublem23 actually pointed out a few weeks ago (albeit in a joking manner). I respect Konerko's accomplishments as a baseball player, but I've never forgiven him for a string of incidents during the last decade in which he repeatedly disparaged teammates through comments he made during interviews, beginning with his clubhouse speech about Frank Thomas in 2002, and ending with his pronouncement that Magglio Ordonez was "the best player [he'd] ever played with" in 2005.

Those incidents painted the picture of an individual who has absolutely no insight into how his words may affect other people. I can understand that Konerko wanted to give the media honest answers about his teammates, but I maintain that he should have given more thought to whether it was appropriate for him to say anything to the media, period, before taking the time to speak with reporters.

He should not have thrown Frank Thomas under the bus, and although I don't necessarily have a problem with his taking the time to praise Magglio Ordonez for his accomplishments as a member of the White Sox, I think he could have done so in a way that didn't slight either Frank or Mark Buehrle, as he implied, albeit indirectly, that they were inferior to Magglio. Since he obviously wasn't able to think of a better way to discuss his feelings about Magglio as a baseball player, he should have refrained from saying anything.

I realize that my stance on this issue may offend others. I don't mean it as a personal attack on anyone on this message board, but I also don't apologize for my feelings about what Konerko said. I took the time to type this response because I believed that responding to your questions was the appropriate thing to do, and also because I thought your post was thoughtful and warranted an honest explanation.
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