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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post

I don't know that people are defending Quentin solely because he played for the White Sox, although that seems to be why Paul Konerko decided to spill his guts (again) to reporters yesterday, in spite of the fact that no other Major League players not playing for Los Angeles or San Diego have weighed in on the subject. I won't repeat what I called Konerko earlier because I promised that I wouldn't, but I maintain that he should shut the **** up. He just can't help himself anytime someone sticks an elongated, cylindrical object near his mouth.
Oh, bull****, he's asked a question and he answered it truthfully. Imagine what a world we live in where people are scolded for displaying candor with the press instead of the usual half-assed, bull**** answers we're used to being fed.

I don't even think you understand the definition of a "whore," anyway. What is Konerko's long term pay off here? Is he angling to land some kind of huge TV show deal when his playing days are over? Or is he just a guy who answers questions honestly when asked of him? What a douchebag!!!

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