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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Anyone defending Quentin here is doing so because he played for the White Sox at one point, plain and simple.

I loved Carlos for his time on the Sox, I like Greinke just fine, but Q overreacted to the situation (as he is very well known to do) and it was bad.

I think Kemp should have gotten a game, but I would want my teammate to be that heated too if it was me.

Whatever, it plays out the Quentin will miss a week, and Greinke essentially gets an 8 week suspension, not exactly justice.
I agree, and I'm surprised no suspension was issued, especially after law enforcement was used to keep him away from Quentin following the game.

I don't know that people are defending Quentin solely because he played for the White Sox, although that seems to be why Paul Konerko decided to spill his guts (again) to reporters yesterday, in spite of the fact that no other Major League players not playing for Los Angeles or San Diego have weighed in on the subject. I won't repeat what I called Konerko earlier because I promised that I wouldn't, but I maintain that he should shut the **** up. He just can't help himself anytime someone sticks an elongated, cylindrical object near his mouth.
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