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Originally Posted by guillensdisciple View Post
Have been saying this for years now. The white sox refuse to go into rebuild and instead choose mediocrity to sub par baseball. In my opinion, this is a slow and painful death that the sox have chosen, since we will have to get young either way. Truth told, I have no idea what young talent I would keep with this club. Wrong philosophy for a while.

The fact is that nothing has changed with this club. We will vontinue to get quality pitching that will be wasted by this horrific offense. It has been this way since 2005 and it will be this way until we change something. People used to clamor about the hitting coach-I don't think that was a ever an issue but rather a circumstance. Instead, this a case of the same olds from the sox.

At this point, I am not surprised by what we see on the field, and neither are the majority of fans. Besides watching out pitchers play, how do you get excited by an aging mediocre ball club? You don't.
Sox scored the 4th most runs in the AL last season, even more than the Tigers. If a 4-6 record over 10 games is reason to pack it in, there are a lot of teams apparently playing for next year.

The Sox don't have guys they can get top prospects for, except for Sale. Sale is the one guy if they decided to go into full rebuild mode that they should move. He would get them several top prospects. It would make no sense having him pitch for a team destined to be bad, and by the time the Sox were ready to contend again, he would either be hurt or on the verge of making $30 million a year.

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