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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
What trash talk?

Greinke: I didn't say anything
Quentin: I didn't hear what he said

What trash talk? Even if he did trash talk (and saying What? is more like, why are you walking at me with a bat than anything), trash talk is irrelevant because 1.) Quentin didn't care what he said, obviously and 2.) no amount of trash talk is a legitimate reason for assaulting someone. People go to jail for that.

Good heavens

It must be so nice to live in such a black and white world where everything is crystal clear all of the time. Was Quentin at fault? Sure, that's why he's getting a relatively huge suspension. But to state that Greinke was an innocent bystander in all of this is absurd. And frankly, to equate a baseball brawl to ACTUAL, real life people who are hurt, injured, arrested, killed, etc. in REAL LIFE random acts of violence is frankly, a thousand times more classless and insulting than anything anyone has said to the way PLAYERS police their GAME in the contexts of that GAME. These are grown men playing a children's game. Pretending like there's any sort of connection between this and the real world the rest of us live in is just nonsense. Baseball's not real life, dude.

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