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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Okay, so you at least admit Greinke shares some blame. That's all I really care about. The rest is deciding how much blame and that's not worth it to me.

My point all along is that to paint Greinke as purely a victim here is poor logic.
I found a video from behind homeplate. Again you can see Quentin get hit and take his first step towards the mound at 38 seconds. Greinke is walking off the mound towards first base which is where he normally lands during his follow through. As Quentin is taking his first step towards Greinke, Greinke looks at Quentin - aware that Quentin is saying something to him and approaching him. It does appear to be "What" but based on his body language it does not appear that he is shouting or trolling. After this Quentin starts running towards the mound, Greinke appears to say something while he tosses his glove aside. The home plate view is about 36 seconds in.

An article on ESPN pointed out that usually a catcher or an umpire can tell when a pitch is intentional or at least could be perceived as such, and will get in between the hitter and the pitcher. In this case neither did that, Ellis in particular seems surprised.

I blame Greinke for throwing his glove aside and lowering his shoulder but the rest is on Quentin.

Go Sox!!!
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