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Yeah, but then the act got old. We remember those teams- the 2000 Sox were the best example of how it COULD work.

After that, though, same crap different day. If the homer wasn't there, the team would struggle. Radke, Joe Mays, etc would just off speed them to death.
Every at bat was a clueless pull-chopper to second. FOR DAYS.

The Sox went about rectifying this ONCE. Out went Lee. In came a leadoff hitter with speed and something to prove.
Out went Valentin, and Uribe stepped in- a defensive move.

Willie Harris went to the bench, and they picked up a contact guy in Iguchi.

Carl Everett would change his stance in an 0-2 count to shorten his swing and put the ball in play. None of this "bailing and flailing" crap.

At the end of the day, pitching was the tale, I am aware. Without Contreras transforming into a stopper, the team would have collapsed. However, it was the first time that we ever saw the Sox look athletic and varied on offense.

It was a team not built as a "homer or nothing" outfit. It worked. Manufacturing runs helps you beat a pitcher who may be in command of his stuff. It gives you early leads and helps your pitchers relax. The players were focused on offensive fundamentals and timely hitting. Veterans that were brought in were acquired for having skills other than 40 homers, and I believe they ALL COMBINED cost less than Dunn.

The last five years have been marred with stupid trades, stupid contracts, and stupid teams that have no heart or concept of situational baseball. Despite themselves, they almost won a division last year in a HORRIBLY down year in the ALC.

This product is just so stale.
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