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Nowadays, it looks like teams are shifting towards quantity over quality in their lineup. You still need an anchor in the lineup, but it's more about the guys around that one guy. Recent world series teams have had that one big bat and 3 or 4 good bats that are good average/good power around him, just not exceptional. (Prince Fielder is still very good, but not on Cabrera's level.) Now with Konerko on the way down, we don't have that one big bat or the guys around said bat (Rios might be the only one). Dunn is too unreliable with average and strikeouts, and was a liability in big spots last year. Viciedo still has a shot, but is not there yet.
A lot of winning teams have also brought in good young guys to contribute, even on playoff teams. Todd Frazier (34th pick), David Freese (9th round), Allen Craig (8th round), Andy Dirks (8th round), Mitch Moreland (17th round) and Brandon Belt (5th round) all contributed on winning teams, without the need for high draft picks. The Sox have not been able to do that with hitters (they've had plenty of pitchers). I don't know if that's the guys we draft or the coaching, but I would like to see somethings change towards more balanced hitters.
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