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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Well, TCQ says he didn't hear what was said, so the "how" of the situation doesn't matter. What does matter is that Greinke clearly says a word to Carlos before Quentin attacks him. It's possible that was enough to provoke Carlos, especially if he was already spoiling for a fight. I can believe he thought about fighting Greike. I don't for one moment believe munch's claims that he set up the entire thing.

I also don't entirely believe Quentin's version of events (I've spent the entire day tearing him apart on this board for his stupidity, and Paul Konerko, as well, for defending him), but Greinke isn't blameless. He was there. He could have handled things differently, but he chose to open his mouth, and he chose to leave himself vulnerable to injury.
This is really getting into minutia here, but I think the fact that Quentin took his first step towards the mound shows he was ready for a fight. Greinke did say something but based solely on his body language I don't think it was INTENDED to be confrontational. I also doubt that it was intended to be apologetic either.

Go Sox!!!
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