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Originally Posted by central44 View Post
I don't buy for a second that Quentin didn't know what Grienke said. I just don't think he wanted to share it with the press.

Incidents like this happen so often in baseball and this is being blown way out of proportion. It doesn't matter if it would happen in the real world, the bottom line is that a baseball traveling 90+ miles is dangerous. If you suspect a guy threw one of those at you on purpose, you're going to be filled with raw anger and adrenaline. Based on their history and the fact that a Dodger was hit earlier in the game, it's not inconcievable that it could have been intentional, and odds are that was Quentin's first reaction.

Three seconds is not enough time to calm down and let cooler heads prevail, and in the meantime Grienke clearly taunted Quentin--while he was probably livid and pissed off and suspecting it was probably intentional.

Look, everyone knows Grienke is an *******. Every time the Sox would play KC, these gamethreads would be full of "**** you Grienke!" comments each time one of our players had to dive to the ground to avoid a fastball coming at his head--which was quite often. So let's not pretend that Grienke doesn't have a track record, or a history here. He hit Quentin twice before this.

Does that mean that what Quentin did was okay? No. He shouldn't have charged the mound. But Grienke is *hardly* the victim in this. You play with fire and you get burned. That's what he did. And if he hadn't been a dumbass and lowered his shoulder, he wouldn't have hurt himself, and this is a non-story.

The whole thing is so ****ing stupid. 95 mph fastballs up and in do not generally lead to rational outcomes, so it's pointless to come up with a rational explanation for any of it.
It's like you didn't even watch the video.

There was no 95 mph fastball up and in to instigate this. There was a fastball mid height barely six inches inside that Quentin leaned into.
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