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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
And what's the difference there?

The kid was confused and didn't trash talk the guy.

See this is why arguing with you is impossible you keep making points that sound like they have something to do with the discussion but actually don't. You completely gloss over Greinke's trash talk after the HBP. You ignore it like it just doesn't matter, but it actually DOES MATTER...
What trash talk?

Greinke: I didn't say anything
Quentin: I didn't hear what he said

What trash talk? Even if he did trash talk (and saying What? is more like, why are you walking at me with a bat than anything), trash talk is irrelevant because 1.) Quentin didn't care what he said, obviously and 2.) no amount of trash talk is a legitimate reason for assaulting someone. People go to jail for that.
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