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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
A lot of guys do that. A lot of guys walk off their steam by doing exactly what Quentin did. Maybe it crossed his mind to charge but he didn't until Zach challenged him to.

That timeline is NOT disputable.

In case you don't know it, I'm hard of hearing. I read lips really well. Greinke clearly said "WHAT?!?!?!" before Quentin charged.

He trolled, but he wasn't behind the safety of his computer screen when he did it. This is why cops tell people not to scream at people on the roadways because the other guy might be packing heat.

Does anyone doubt Quentin was irritated? Does anyone say he doesn't have a valid personal reason for feeling that way? I mean he did just get smacked with a 80+MPH baseball (I'm being generous). Then the guy who smacked him started talking trash.

Then the trash talking guy who smacked him got his ass handed to him.

**** happens when you talk trash to people you just caused pain to and sometimes you get your ass kicked when it happens. It's just that simple. This is life.
First off, every replay that I have seen is from the centerfield camera so I do not know how you or anyone else can read Greinke's lips from that angle. In the videos that I have seen, Quentin gets hit at about 18 seconds. At 19 seconds Quentin takes two steps towards Greinke, at 20 seconds Greinke sees Quentin walking towards him and takes a step towards Quentin. He does appear to say something and lifts his head slightly but based on the movement of his shoulders it does not appear to me at least that he shouts anything. At 21 seconds Quentin puts his head down and starts running towards the mound. I think Quentin was going to go out there anyways and if Greinke said "What" it appears to me that based on his body language that it was more along the lines of "What? Do you think I was trying to hit you on a 3-2 pitch?" I don't think that Greinke was trying to troll Quentin, I think Quentin over reacted as he tends to do. And if he thought the Dodgers were trying to hit him last night, wait until he faces them again.

Go Sox!!!
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