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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
Teams overpay for home runs, at their peril.
Homers plus great clutch/average hitting in a player? By all means, give him 17+ mil a season.

It didn't work with Albert Belle, Thome was a disaster, and Dunn doesn't scare anyone with the game on the line.

Guys like this are a waste of resources. The '05 team was built on guys with middling contracts, varied skill sets, and something to prove.

The pitching was the focus financially.

This organization can't get out of its own damn way in regards to the power issue. For whatever reason, they cannot bring in players that can hit for power and average.
Um, those guys had GREAT years with the White Sox. The White Sox don't make the playoffs in 2008 without Thome. Now I will agree that the White Sox misallocate resources and in hindsight giving a big contract to a one dimensional DH who hits for a low average, strikes out 200+ times a year and is over 30 is bad idea. But Thome hit for power and average, Belle did too.

Go Sox!!!
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