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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
The article seems to blame Greinke for getting hurt because he didn't run away or tip his cap or whatever. That's ludicrous. It's someone fault they're assaulted because they won't lay down for a violent bully who'll beat them up if you don't do what they say?

Maybe the lesson is Greinke should thrown 85 straight down the heart of the plate. That way Quentin won't get mad and attack him.

Oh give me a break. What did Quentin do BEFORE Greinke smacked him with a baseball than verbally dared Quentin to do anything about it?

There's lots of these "unwritten rules" in baseball for a reason. You don't taunt the pitcher when you hit a home run and you don't walk toward the guy you just smacked with a baseball and start mouthing off.

You are so wrapped up in this Greinke is a victim thing you can't even consider he did something to provoke the situation.

By your standards no one can ever be held accountable for their actions until things turn violent. How far do we take that ludicrous crap? I could start listing a LOT of times in history the "it's just words" defense has been used but that would turn this political.

Here's the facts...

Greinke smacked TCQ with a baseball.

TCQ stepped out on the infield and took a few steps kind of toward first and kind of toward the mound. He was clearly irritated, but he didn't charge or say anything to Grinke, just glared at him.

Greinke then said (at least) "WHAT?!?!?!?" as he walked off the mound toward TCQ.

Then TCQ charged.

Now who in this situation actually sounds like the "bullly"?

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