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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Victim blaming at it's finest.
I don't think so. I don't think Greinke was throwing at TCQ, and although he shouldn't have said anything following the hit batsman, it's hard to understand Quentin's reasoning behind charging the mound when he wasn't even sure what Greinke said to him. Be that as it may, Greinke should not have tried leading with his shoulder to meet someone who outweighs him.

The most common mechanisms of clavicular fracture are as follows:

1. Fall onto shoulder or onto an outstretched hand.

2. Direct impact to the lateral portion of the clavicle, adjacent to the shoulder.

Looking at the video, it seems that Greinke actually experienced both mechanisms of trauma, as he suffered a horizontal impact to the left shoulder (by leading with it), and he was also hit near the lateral aspect of the clavicle. It's not hard at all to see why he suffered the injury. He needs to be smarter about these situations in the future.

Originally Posted by blandman
There's an article in this post that shows the science of pitch locations relative to percentage of hits. That pitch doesn't hit anyone. Whatever your perception of that pitch location or Quentin's location at the plate is, it's wrong.
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