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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
I don't love anything about what Konerko said. Why is he talking about what happened between two players who aren't on his team? I know that he was teammates with TCQ, but that doesn't entitle him to comment on something that doesn't pertain to him. After all these years, he still doesn't know when to refrain from whoring himself out to the media. And I thought prostitution was becoming a thing of the past.
Because Konerko has been abused by pitchers and he knows it. Your comments are unwarranted. Whoring himself out to the media? Where is he making money for talking about this. He stood up for something he believed in. Quentin is getting a lot of **** that he doesn't deserve for this and Paulie, a former teammate or even friend, is sticking up for him.

You question his right to speak about an incident in his own industry and you go on to call him a whore and accuse him of prostitution. Where is your right to do that?
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