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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGal85 View Post
Care to explain why you feel that way? And I'm not trying to stir up trouble, I'm truly curious.
I guess because the majority of the people here are supporting Grienke and citing unwritten rules of baseball.

Admittably so, I wouldn't have charged the mound in Quentin's situation, I don't think he is a thug or someone dealing with roid rage because he charged the mound. Those opinions are a bit over the top.

Grienke throws at people a lot which I love in a pitcher. Throwing inside and throwing at players is a part of the game and many pitchers do not utilize and Grienke is at advantage doing so. With that in mind, I still have little to no problem with Quentin protecting himself. Pitchers can throw at guys all they want and the hitters can never fight back. Even as a former pitcher I have no problem with giving the hitter the benefit of the doubt. If they think their safety and/or health was purposely put in danger then they should have the right to stick up for themselves.

Plus, in baseball we would hate the other team. If one player did one thing to any of our guys at any point, the whole team would up their intensity and get their fuel from hatred. We would try to find reaons to hate them.
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