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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
I am a Sox fan but a fan of another football team besides the Bears that has won it much more recently and that does strike me as a little sad that the 85 team is still worshipped like they won yesterday, but that was a one heck of a team, so I don't think it's all that pathetic really. They were one of the better teams ever for that one season. At least Chicago fans can remember when the Hawks, Bears, Bulls, and Sox won. Philly has that one Phillie's title to brag about after all these years, and nothing since 1960 besides that.
You forgot the Flyers AKA the Broad Street Bullies with a couple of cups in 74 and 75. The Sixers have a couple of Championships also.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.
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