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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
This Danks contract has a chance to be as epic a disaster as Jaime Navarro was (one of the other only times JR opened the wallet on long term money to for a SP).

The only chance I gave the Sox this year was with solid SP from 1-2-3. Danks would have been part of that plan.

Not good.
Yep. I hated that contract when they gave it to him, making gazillionaires of barely average pitchers seems to be a bad policy on the part of any team besides the Dodgers or Yankees, Red Sox, etc. Seemed to be an overreaction to Buerhle leaving. Hopefully, Danks can come back and pitch decently , and if they are not in contention, they can unload him to one of the high payroll suckers.
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