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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
I don't think I ever wanted bingo. The Sox don't win a World Series every 10 years. The team has won only one since 1917. And 10 years turns into 20 real fast especially in Chicago baseball terms.

What have they done since the WS? By Chicago baseball standards, they've been all right except that they have only won one post season game since 2005. The last year Ozzie was here was a joke. Just two years after the Series when they were still drawing, they lost 90 games.

I, for one fan, have moved the goal posts. I have been going to Sox games for over 50 years and am not in the mood to settle for occasional success. I have already watched enough so-so and bad teams. It is time for this team to have some sustained success. That is not too mouch to ask and if ownership doesn't graps that, it doesn't understand their fans.
So based on results, you have a problem with every ownership the White Sox ever had. You probably also would have issues with just about every ownership group except for 2 or 3 in the league as not understanding the fans.
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