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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Uh, I wouldn't really hold my breath, the kid's got nearly 550 games and over 2,000 plate appearances in his career, generally people don't just "find it" at that point. I might be somewhat hopeful if he was showing gradual, steady improvement, but he's generally gotten progressively worse over his career. I guess miracles do happen from time to time (****in magnets, how do they work?) but anybody who expects anything more from Beckham than what we've seen - good glove at 2B, average bat for a middle infielder - I think is going to continue to be dissapointed by him. He is what he is.
You're absolutely right about how his career has gone thus far. He went from our future at 3B to a quality fielder at 2B.

And I really haven't expected much from him these past 2 years, but after last year he hit a career high in HR's and I thought early season struggles really hindered him. He was finally having what looked to be a pretty nice start to the season, and I think without the injury he could've been somewhere around 20 HR .260. Still not the player we drafted, but certainly solid.
Lets go Sox!
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