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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Finally, the other line of thinking about the Sox that I think is completely wrong and total bull**** is this notion that "well, the Sox were winning last year and the fans still didn't show up. It's not the ownership's fault that fans won't even support a winner." When I hear people say that, it just makes me want to scream in frustration. Do people really think that the Sox being good for 3 months only to fall short every year is good enough to lay this on fan support? I don't know if Sox management feels this way, but this is certainly a common thinking about this team even from it's own fans. So, I'd say this is a lousy philosophical way to look at the Sox even if it's not necessarily coming from team management.
Good topic, good post Hitmen.

I take issue with this as I was one of those fans saying that. I guess it depends on what you call our fan base. I was angered at the end of the season when I am sitting watching a 1st place team, with their ace on the mound, in Sept. and there are only 10k people there on half price night. To compound matters, playoff tickets were sold out.

So are we a fan base that refuses to the do the heavy lifting? Are we bandwagon fans? Are we die hards?

I think the die hards were there that night and will show up regardless what the circumstances are. You would think bandwagon fans would be there as it doesn't matter to those fans what happened before or what will happen later, the now is the only thing that matters. But they weren't there. I think management wondered this too, which is why they did that huge survey and made price changes accordingly. This is not a unique situation, Tampa Bay, Baltimore are both in the same boat. But I know Baltimore struggled to sell playoff tickets, we did not.

We'll see how this year goes, but if there are lackluster numbers even with the lowered parking and ticket prices, I don't expect them to last. We need to attract that casual fan. As a fan, I think there are a lot of excuses made on both sides. But when the Sox offer a Sunday game that a family for four can go to for $30 ( $5 tickets and $10 parking) kinda hard to blame the organization, in my view.
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